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Information about cookies


What are cookies?

Cookies are short text-only strings of information, that a website and the users’ web browser exchange, each time you visit a website. Their purpose is to allow automatic authentication, track sessions and store information in order to enhance website speed and surfing experience or users’ experience. Every website domain visited through a browser can place one or more cookies. An Internet page can display items coming from many different domains and each of them can place cookies (in this case named “third-party cookies”). The use of cookies enables the improvement of a website surfing experience and can help keeping the settings you chose during your next visit.


There are two kinds of cookies:

  • First-party cookies (or owners’ cookies): they can only be managed and read by the domain which issued them;
  • Third-party cookies: they are managed and issued by domains that are hosted in the one we are visiting.


Cookies used in this website

Browsing cookies

These cookies are necessary to make the website work properly (for instance to store button state, open or closed sheets). Most of these cookies last just for one session, which means that they will immediately be deleted  as soon as you finish visiting the website.


Functional cookies

These cookies allow the operation of some parts of the website.

In this particular website, their aim is to track the fact that the text in the homepage banner regarding information about cookies has actually been read.

These cookies are stored in the browser; it is possible to delete them or to disable their reception. By doing this, though, the functionalities of some of the services of the website could be compromised.

Users can change cookie reception settings modifying the storing settings as described in the section of this note “How to disable cookies” .



Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google. It is mainly used to anonymously collect traffic data (for instance data about page visits, time spent on website, traffic sources and what users clicked while surfing our pages) and highlight website trends without identifying  individual visitors.

You can read Google privacy policies at the following link

Users can change cookie reception settings by modifying the storing settings as described in the section of this note “How to disable cookies”.



YouTube videos may be embedded in our website. When watching these videos, third-party cookies, belonging to YouTube’s domain, are placed on your computer or on your mobile device in order to improve video functionalities and anonymously collect information about watched videos.

The purpose of these cookies is explained in Google’s privacy policies:



Third-party Widgets such as Facebook’s, can be embedded in our website. These Widgets may place third-party cookies on your computer or on your mobile device, in order to improve functionalities. The purpose of these cookies is explained in the domain owners’ privacy policies:


How to disable cookies

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox) are configured to accept cookies. However, all of them allow users to control and disable cookies through browser settings. Disabling browsing cookies may cause website malfunctioning and/or a limitation in the service.

To acquire information about how to manage and delete cookies on your tablet and/or smartphone you can refer to “Help” section of the browser you are using.

In order to manage third-party cookies that are collecting users’ data to generate specific actions, you can manage Google cookie usage by visiting the page: Ads Preferences (if you have a Google account). As an alternative, you can disable cookie usage by a third-party supplier, for instance, by visiting the deactivation page at, or, as explained previously, by disabling cookies through your browser settings.