Il birrificio



An experience that gives new life to brewing tradition in Turin

In 2007, under the supervision of Craft Masters, a craft brewery was born at Piazza dei Mestieri: the use of quality ingredients and the passion of the past are its distinctive characteristics.

The brewery is part of a bigger project, aimed to lead hundreds of youths to discover their talent and their own selfesteem through an educational path: the brewery “La Piazza”was able to understand the importance of a brewing tradition that has been so deep-rooted in Turin territory, that in the 1800s, Turin could compete with Munich.
Borgo San Donato, where the “La Piazza” is located, was the place where two of the oldest Turinese breweries had their headquarters: Bosio & Caratsch, Italy’s first brewery, and Metzger; in 1898, they had reached such a production excellence, that they were given the gold medal at the Turin International world’s fair.

They used the “Turin canal” (branching from the Pellerina canal) because of its pure, light and fresh water, that isn’t much affected by season temperature leaps, as needed to produce a great beer.

The Brewpub is located in the yard of the former tannery conceria Fiorio, which was entirely renewed and hosts the project “Piazza dei Mestieri”. In 10 years of activity, it has now become a benchmark for craft beer enthusiasts in our city; here you can listen to live music concerts, stand-up-comedy shows, participate in workshops and tastings or just enjoy a night with your friends. In addition to great beer, we also serve simple dishes with high quality products, such as Spanish ham and Piedmontese meat.
The production plant, next to the Pub, has a 6-hectolitre “cooking” room and there are 5 fermentation tanks entirely destined to the production of draft beer, which is provided locally or in our second draft beer place in via dei Mille 20; our bottled production –refermentation in glass bottles guarantees a perfect preservation – is fulfilled by another factory, located in Vaie, in the Susa Valley.
The beers we distribute, both in bottled and draft version, are the blonde Manet, the amber-coloured RenoirHopperly and Chagally and the dark beer Turnerly.
Some beers are served just as draft beers at our pub:  Klimt, inspired by a very traditional Wizen with banana and spices fragrances, produced using 25% non-malted wheat, and Jasper, Pils style, with its lively intensely herbaceous scents, full-bodied, flowing, with a dry, persistently bitter finish.




Visit the Brewpub in via Durandi, 13


Visit the Pub in Via dei Mille, 20

INFOS AND RESERVATIONS (just for Via Durandi 13):
0039. (everydays from h. 18.00)

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